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I am proud to say I am not just a builder but also a professional tattooer.
My background in tattooing started in 1998, which has greatly helped me understand and build the machines I make today.
I have been building machines now for more than 20 years, and have been fortunate to stay connected and work with some of the top builders and tattooers in the world today.
My handmade machines are completely built, assembled, and tuned by me.

No premade frames, coils, or other parts are ever used, only 100% true handmade and built parts that I make are used on my machines.
I have from time to time some sand cast models, but they are usually in limited quantities.
I also make several production models that are CNC milled out of a solid block of low carbon steel and machined to my specs.

So if you’re needing a machine quickly you’ll probably want to check these out. As that I can get them out to you quickly.
I still tattoo 6 days a week at Fine Line Tattoo Japan in Yokohama - Japan, so if you would like to get a handmade machine from me, I do have a short wait in most cases of a few days before I can start.
Questions are always welcome so please do not hesitate emailing me.
Remember to please check back from time to time to see what all new I have to offer.
This new year look for new models, guest spots, convention schedules, and travels, as well as collaborations with a few select builders.
As always Thanks for stopping by.



Check my Instagram for more pictures and updates on my work.

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Tsuruya Cho 1-2-4

Kamiya Build #402

Yokohama - Japan

+81 (045) 322-8189

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